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How to use LUIS in Microsoft Bot Framework

In one of the previous articles, I have talked about how to start building a bot with Microsoft Bot Framework (MBF). It was a simple bot that asks a companion to do simple math exercises. The bot application works great but the process of conversation looks not very natural as the app understands only two

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Let your app understand human language with LUIS

We are on the way to the next era of human-computer interactions. In addition to traditional Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) new interfaces are coming. This interface is also known as Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) that allows people to deal with a computer in more natural way. The way that is called conversation. We use conversations

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Building bots with Microsoft Bot Framework

About Bots are a kind of program that automates a lot of things. Usually these are repetitive and easy tasks that are time-consuming for humans. Bots are used for trading, auctions, conversations etc., where they can perform tasks much faster than a human being. In this article we will have a closer look at conversational

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